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Symbolic Meaning of Peacock Tattoos

Symbolic Meaning of Peacock Tattoos

Peacock tattoo meanings

* Royalty
* Vitality
* Sensuality
* Luxury
* Expansiveness
* Pride
* Nobility
* Generosity
* Immortality
* Longevity
* Love
* Watchfulness
* Sexuality
* Compassion
* Desire
* Beauty

Peacock tattoo meanings commonly deal with the impressively expansive fanning out of the male peacock’s tail feathers. The radiant blue of his body is equally impressive for tattooing.

These striking features make a big statement about the wearer of peacock tattoos.

It says: “I am marvelously unique, and not afraid to show it!”

Themes of nobility and royalty come into play from Chinese symbolism in which the peacock is an emblem of rank and high status. Indeed, peacock feathers were given to recognize impeccable service and honorable rank in positions of military office.

The peacock is a symbol of expansive consciousness in Buddhism. In this light, the bird is a representative of the all-compassionate goddess Kuan-Yin. The “eyes” in the peacock feathers are symbolic of the watchfulness concept - the Watcher in consciousness/meditative terms is the omniscient essence of the soul.

The concept of watching also comes into play in Christian symbolism the “eyes” of peacock tail-feathers represent the eyes of the church/Christ/God watching over the faithful. Esoteric Christianity also views the peacock as an emblem of immortality and resurrection (similar to phoenix symbolism).

In Greek and Roman mythology the peacock is the companion of Hera and Juno (respectively). In this light, peacock tattoo meanings may represent a regal status too, as its symbolic imagery points to the realm of the Empress and High Priestess.

The peacock is also a solar animal and so its character will convey attitudes like: Vitality, radiance, glory, stimulation, life, health, invigoration.

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