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Symbolic Meaning of Cat Tattoos

Cat Tattoos

Cat tattoos, much like the animals themselves, symbolize independence, being quick on one’s feet and freedom. It can be a symbol of good luck or bad luck, depending on circumstances and has been both revered as sacred and despised as a representation of evil.

In ancient Egypt the cat was a powerful symbol of femininity and was linked with the moon. Statues of cats wearing jewelry were often placed in tombs of the deceased to watch over them. In Thailand the Siamese cat was considered sacred in temples and in India they guarded the temples of Buddha.

First domesticated about 12,000 years ago the cat was used for its talent in hunting rodents, which were always getting into the grain. About 4000 years ago the cat began to be welcomed into homes as a pet. While in certain areas of the world it is thought of as a companion, in others it was used as a mark of evil against potential witches. It is widely believed that one of the main causes of the Black Plague in Europe was due to the reduced cat population because of this belief.

With its keen sense of smell and hearing, the cat was often used to detect poisonous gas in the trenches during both World Wars and to detect air raids. Due to their relatively recent domestication, most cats can still survive in the wild if they need to, adding to the cat’s admiration as an independents and quick witted soul.

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