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Symbolic Meaning of DragonTattoos

Dragon Tattoos

This mythic animal has become a very popular tattoo symbol and is an indication of the popularity of Chinese and Japanese culture in tattoo design. The dragon represents the four elements and the four points of the compass. It is a reminder of the reality of life and that sometimes to bring birth and renewal, destruction and death must occur first.

In China the dragon represented the supernatural and imperial power. It was also in charge of the rain, seeing as how it liked to reside in the heavens. It was also able to shape shift, so it became entwined in many Chinese legends. In fact the dragon is said to be the ancestor of the Chinese. Japanese history holds similar claims as one Emperor claimed that he was a direct descendent of the immortal dragon. Since then the dragon has often been used as an Imperial symbol.

The dragon was also incorporated into some of the Chinese and Japanese beliefs. The dragon plays an important role in Taoism, and the Chinese involved dragons in their artwork and used it to display the protection of Buddha.

In the West the dragon often took on a darker aspect, often being associated with evil and wrongdoing. This probably has a lot to do with the serpent in the Garden of Eden. The dragon was often used as an emblem by warriors to strike fear in the hearts of their enemies.

No matter its origins the dragon is a perfect symbol for anyone wanting to display nobility, imagination, power and loyalty, not to mention a touch of magic and transformation.

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